Booking Terms and Conditions

Thank you for enquiring about a booking with us here at Caffe Di Milano, we ask that you please take a moment to read the below terms & conditions that form part of an agreement when booking with us.

A deposit payment of £10 per person is to be paid 48 hours prior to the booking, after the final confirmation of number of guests and food orders. In the case of a cancellation or a no show, this £10 deposit is non refundable and cannot be deducted from the final bill.

Where deposit payment is not applicable, we require you to provide credit/debit card information to secure your reservation; we use an external secure company called ‘stripe’ to collect this & all information is held confidently. We use these details to secure your booking and as a precaution for our business to avoid no shows & late cancellations which financially affect our restaurant.

A payment of £10 per person will be charged to the card if any large changes or cancellations are made any later than 48 hours prior to your booking (the fee will also be charged for no show bookings).

Please note,

  • We allow a 15-minute grace period for your arrival, however if you fail to attend within this time, the system will automatically cancel your table & a £10 charge will be applied to your card for each guest. This applies even if you attempt to contact us on the evening or if there is a partial arrival of guests. The system is automatic & staff within the restaurant will not be able to alter/change this.
  • All large table bookings of 7+ guests have duration of 2 hours unless agreed otherwise, however we do expect ALL guests to arrive on time for the reservation, fail to do so will result in the cancellation of the whole table.
  • All large tables of 7+ guests must have a pre-order form fully completed & returned to us 3 days prior to your reservation to complete the confirmation (our online order form for our party set menu is available to download on our website and can be found in the ‘Group Bookings’ section). Large parties of 7+ may only order from the party set menu (min 2 courses).
  • We require large group bookings (7+ guests) to use 1-2 payment transactions. We are unable to take individual payments, as we want to increase our customer satisfaction by using this method to avoid miscalculations/miscommunication during our vibe and dine hours, where there is loud music and a party atmosphere. Please note, paying individually can make it difficult for both staff and customers.
  • Any attempt to make a joint party booking exceeding a total of 6 guests via the online bookings system will be subject to an immediate cancellation. Large booking enquiries must be made directly to the restaurant for confirmation through either email or WhatsApp.
  • A service charge of 10% will automatically be added to the final bill. This is not an optional charge for the large party bookings.

Pre-theatre bookings

  • During pre-theatre sittings, we will be offering our theatre set menu only. This menu is available to see on our website. The theatre set menu will be on offer between 12pm-2pm & 5pm-7pm on theatre days.
  • If you wish to choose from our main menu, please book a table earlier or later than the theatre set menu offering times.
  • You may be offered alternative options to meet your dietary requirements should you have any.

Vibe & Dine Saturdays

From 8pm onwards every Saturday, our restaurant hosts ‘Vibe & Dine’ evenings & we ask you to please take note of the below

  • All booking terms & conditions noted above also apply for our ‘Vibe & Dine’ evenings.
  • There is a smart/casual dress code for Vibe and Dine evenings. No hats, sportswear, sunglasses, crocs/sandals or trainers. You will be refused entry if this requirement is not met.
  • There may be ID and bag checks carried out by security at the entrance. So please bring an ID with you and avoid having drinks or other forbidden items in your bags.
  • Security staff may refuse entry if you are unduly intoxicated or you do not meet the dress code requirements.
  • Please mention when booking, if you require a drinks only table before 10pm, we may need to contact you to discuss further as a minimum spend requirement will apply.
  • Booking a table does not guarantee it all night, normal seating times operate, please call to enquire about extending the table later for than the standard time seating time.
  • Please note once every guest has arrived for the table booking no additional guests will be able to join later on in the evening using the name of the reservation to gain entry. 
  • Children are not permitted in the venue after 7.30pm.

We hope you appreciate our terms & conditions are there to protect our business & ensure a well-run consistent establishment. Thank you for taking the time to read them & we look forward to you joining us.

Caffe Di Milano